Session 2

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Week 1:  July 11, 12, 14

Week 2:  July 18, 19, 20

Week 3:  July 25, 26, 27

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*Grades listed are meant to reflect students' current grade levels for the 2022-23 school year.

1-2 Growth Mindset and Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL)- Session FULL

Games are so fun! We will use games and other fun activities to learn about having a growth mindset. Students will learn how a growth mindset impacts their lives inside and outside the classroom. This will help students be more motivated and confident. We will read stories, do some journaling, and participate in lots of FUN games and activities!

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Session FULL


Let your creativity shine this summer! Students K-2 are invited to come join us as we explore various mixed media and let our inner Picasso or Frida shine.  Art projects will include drawing, painting, and more. 

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2-6 Art-Making- SESSION FULL

Students in grades 2-6 can join me to engage in a variety of art-making activities with themes including nature, process art, identity, fantasy, cooperation and more! We will explore techniques like printmaking, painting, book making, sculpture, and drawing, with a new piece of art to take home every day!

Session is open to 30 participants.

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2-6 Games Galore- Session Full

Do you love to play games? Join us for fun-filled mornings playing games. We will learn a dice game, card game, and domino game each session. Directions will be shared with the families so that the fun can continue at home. Students will also be introduced to classic board games. All of these games will help develop and strengthen your executive functioning skills.

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2-6 Earth Friendly Fun

Earth is our home and we need to take care of it. We will be doing various activities that will help students be more aware of taking care of our resources by recycling or upcycling materials. One week will be earth friendly crafts. Another week will be eco-friendly science experiments. The final week will be “green” games using recycled materials.

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3-5 Coping Skills and Self-Regulation- SESSION FULL

Sometimes coping with our emotions can be a difficult task. This course will be a fun interactive class that will teach students how to identify, understand, and cope with their feelings. We will do fun activities and games to help reduce stress, anxiety, and anger. Journaling, stretching, drawing, painting, reading, and playing games will be some of the ways we learn how to cope with some difficult emotions.

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Session FULL

5-8 Rocketry and Aviation- Session FULL

Learn about the forces of flight by making hands-on projects that soar and glide. We’ll explore the history of flight while creating projects and doing experiments that will make the learning come to life! We will also look to the future of space exploration with a special focus on the Artemis program.

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Session Full

5-12 Games and Movement Skills

Do you have a movement skill or component of fitness that you would like to improve upon? In this course you will select a movement skill or an area of fitness that you would like to improve at, and the instructor will create a movement plan geared toward your personal goals. You will also learn how to properly set goals and work towards achieving them. The movement skill that you select can be sport specific (ex. Basketball jump shot), fitness component specific (ex. speed), or it can be movement specific (ex. pull up). 

Session is open to 30 participants.

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6-12 Fashion and Costume Design

Bring your favorite Movie, TV Show, Book or even Anime character to life while learning about the exciting world of Fashion. 

We will explore the 4 major steps in the creative process of Apparel Design:

By the sessions end you will have a headstart on your next Halloween or Anime Convention outfit. Designed and made entirely by your hands.

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6-12 Scrapbooking

Get those pictures off your phones and into a scrapbook that everyone can enjoy! This course will teach students how to create beautiful scrapbook pages using cool tools, beautiful papers, and, of course, their imaginations. They will also learn how to add titles and to journal about what is happening in the pictures to help tell the story of each special memory. Students should bring printed pictures from home to use throughout the session.  At the end of the course, students will have created their own personalized scrapbooks to take home and share with family and friends. 

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