Session 1

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Week 1: June 20, 21, 22

Week 2:  June 27, 28, 29

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*Grades listed are meant to reflect students' current grade levels for the 2022-23 school year.

1-2 Science - SESSION FULL

Do you have a child who loves to be outdoors? A kiddo who wants all of the questions answered. If this sounds like your child sign them up for Science Sessions.

We will fill their curiosity by exploring outside, experimenting, growing plants, and talking about the different life cycles of plants and insects. 

Contact Miss Keara Higgins with questions: (

Session Full

1-2 Art- Session FULL

Let your creativity shine this summer! Students K-2 are invited to come join us as we explore various mixed media and let our inner Picasso or Frida shine.  Art projects will include drawing, painting, and more. 

Contact Miss Kristan Eannone with questions: (

Session Full

1-3 Fairytale Reading and Writing- Session FULL

Enter a magical world of make-believe where we will be exploring the world of fairy tales. We will spend our time together reading and discussing fairy tales, writing our own fairy tale twists, and enjoying some fairy tale stem activities. 

Contact Mrs. Michelle Drivas with questions:  (

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2-6 Art-Making-  Session FULL

Students in grades 2-6 can join us to engage in a variety of art-making activities with themes including nature, process art, identity, and more! We will explore techniques like printmaking, painting, book making, sculpture, and drawing, with a new piece of art to take home every day! 

Session is open to 30 participants.

Contact Mrs. Dominique Guza or Mrs. Christine Russo with questions: (,

Session Full

3-4 Physical Science- Session FULL

Have you ever wondered how different forces can make items move in different ways? How about how a magnet can make items move together or away from each other, even if those items are not touching? Then come join us as we conduct hands-on experiments to discover these principles of motion and more during our exciting Physical Science exploration! 

Contact Mrs. Briana Kocher with questions: (

Session FULL

3-6 Theater

Lights! Camera! Action! Students in grades 3-6 can experience what it is like to be a real performer. We will work on many parts of what it is like to be in a play, including set design, costumes, and putting on a real presentation on our last day! 

Contact Mrs. Anita Franz with questions: (

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4-6 Mindset Matters

Do you wonder what the most powerful tool is in being successful? It's all in your mind! Learn what a growth and fixed mindset is - what that looks like, and how each can impact outcomes. You will participate in team building and skill development activities incorporating movement, collaboration, and task completion. Mindset is key in being successful at whatever you do: academics, athletics, and one day, a job.

Learn how to change your current thinking to apply a more positive learning attitude, which reflects how persistence, hard work and self-belief can lead to success. 

Contact Mrs. Jennifer Way with questions: (

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5-7 Math, Food, & Fun

Everyone likes to eat!! Sign up for this session to learn the basics of meal planning, nutrition, and budgeting. We will plan out ingredients needed to make some snacks, practice reading recipes, measuring, and preparing food to enjoy. You can impress your loved ones with the skills you'll learn during our time together. Come join the fun! 

Contact Mrs. Heather Stem with questions: (

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5-12 Games and Movement Skills  Cancelled

Do you have a movement skill or component of fitness that you would like to improve upon? In this course you will select a movement skill or an area of fitness that you would like to improve at, and the instructor will create a movement plan geared toward your personal goals. You will also learn how to properly set goals and work towards achieving them. The movement skill that you select can be sport specific (ex. Basketball jump shot), fitness component specific (ex. speed), or it can be movement specific (ex. pull up). 

Session is open to 30 participants.

Contact Mr. or Mrs. Taylor with questions: (,


6-12 Fashion and Costume Design

Bring your favorite Movie, TV Show, Book or even Anime character to life while learning about the exciting world of Fashion. 

We will explore the 4 major steps in the creative process of Apparel Design:

By the sessions end you will have a headstart on your next Halloween or Anime Convention outfit. Designed and made entirely by your hands.

Contact Mrs. Amy Hess with questions: (

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6-12 Scrapbooking Cancelled

Get those pictures off your phones and into a scrapbook that everyone can enjoy! This course will teach students how to create beautiful scrapbook pages using cool tools, beautiful papers, and, of course, their imaginations. They will also learn how to add titles and to journal about what is happening in the pictures to help tell the story of each special memory. Students should bring printed pictures from home to use throughout the session.  At the end of the course, students will have created their own personalized scrapbooks to take home and share with family and friends. 

Contact Mrs. Amy Handy with questions: (


7-12 Circuits and Coding  Session Full

Interested in learning how electrical circuits and computer code work together? Find out in this introductory course! No prior experience necessary. Using Snaptricity and “30 Days Lost in Space” kits, you and a partner will explore both hardware and software with an Arduino board and various components. You’ll also learn to make virtual programmable circuits using TinkerCAD. It’s the ultimate Escape Room adventure! 

Contact Mr. Jeff Woodhams with questions: (

Session Full